“When I was a kid, people used to ask me, what my ambition was and I told them that I wanted to become a police officer. My dad asked me the same question on the day of my Board Exam results.

‘Papa, once you told me, that you want me…

The feminist movement has begun its fourth wave and as we progress further, we have to understand and acknowledge the role that the men have played in feminism. It is fundamentally problematic for an oppressed section to rise without members of the oppressing section aiding and abetting their upliftment. American…

Famous Philanthropists with Teaching

Teaching is one of the noblest endeavours of our society. Whether it is doing charity/ volunteering or imparting knowledge both are ways of giving back to the society. Perhaps that’s why many philanthropists
opt to teach or hail from a teaching background.

Let’s have a…

GirlUp She-United

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